NGC 7000!

Nice little NGC 7000 using the narrowband filters and the Bicolor technique in PixInsight! Click on the image for the acquisition details.

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This was intended to be a focusing test with different filters using ccd autopilot…Turned out great! Really quickly acquired at the end of the night, m13 was the first DSO I ever captured. Let’s see if there was some improvement over the pas 18 months… First version: ( to me it was the best ever!) […]

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Well, weather hasn’t been cooperating one bit, but I managed to get some data! Here’s the new setup: USB cables go underground into the shed on the back and I can control everything from the laptop or desktop inside the house. I use the Telegizmo’s 360 covers with a heating rod under and 3 dehumidifiers […]

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”Slight” equipment upgrade

A year an a half into this, it’s time to move on. Remember what I said about getting conformable at doing something? Well, routine sucks. So let’s disturb it ”a little bit”. This winter has been one of the worst I remember. Crazy cold, lots of snow, windy and never ending.  What happens when you […]

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