Ze new setupEquipment list:

  1. 152CF APO refractor, C9.25 Edge HD
  2. Paramount MX, CGEM – Hypertuned with the DIY kit from Deep Space Products by Ed Thomas
  3. Kendrick astro dew shield and heater
  4. DBK31AU03.AS camera (The Imaging Source)
  5. SBIG STT-8300m with self guided filter wheel, Starlight Xpress SXVR-H814C
  6. Belkin USB hub powered (4 ports)
  7. Tether Pro usb active wires (2 X 50′)
  8. Hyperstar III lens with Filter drawer
  9. Starizona MicroTouch wireless focuser
  10. KWIQ guider package
  11. Advanced CT Laser Collimator
  12. Duracell POWER pack


TheSKyX pro and Pixinsight


Filters and reducers and misc:

Imaging filters: Astrodon tru-Balance E-series 2, 3nm Ha, OIII and SII

  1. Hutech Idas LPS
  2. Hutech Idas LPS-V4 nebula filter
  3. Red filter Longpass, when used with LPS-V4 gives you H-alpha, not too narrowed perfect for fast focal ratio.
  4. Polarized filter adjustable
  5. Baader continuum solar filter
  6. Solar aperture filter (glass)
  7. 0,5x reducer
  8. Bunch of barlows and eyepieces

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