Narrowband images: NGC 6888 and Melotte 15

Here are 2 nice pictures I took with only narrowband filters. They are by far the best option for my light polluted night sky. Now that the night grows longer, more data can be acquired! I’m very glad the way they came out, especially Melotte 15, since the image was shot unguided ( no second camera tracking a star to make sure the image stays perfectly centered during long exposures). I’m amazed that it held up well even in 45 minute exposures in Ha at a pixel scale of 0,91 arc sec/pix. This amount of precision is insane, and was accomplished after a recalibration run of a previously acquired 359 stars model in TPoint. Even unguided, I’m seeing limited, which means that the stars aren’t falsely bloated due to a poor PE. The PMX never stops to amaze me!


SHO image (hubble palette) made combining narrowband data. This image is unguided. The Melotte 15 cluster is on the right of the image.

(click on images for object detailed description)

It’s the Crescent Nebula ( NGC 6888) in BiColor technique in PixInsight, mixing OIII and Ha channels to create a synthetic green and combine in the RGB fashion. Glad how it came out for such a short integration time for a faint object like that.






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