At last!!!!! Clear sky and temperature above minus 30C !!! Quick pass at M106 after re-installing the mount on the pier. At this time of the year the Canes Venatici constellation is right at the Zenith during the darkest hours. Perfect time for imaging.  

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Well, this has been an utterly crappy autumn with a total of 2 good nights worth of astrophotography……. First one was good, but the second night out, the filter wheel’s motor failed ( related to cold?) and ruined the night. So, I’m not moving super forward with my 2 big projects im working on. The […]

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Cocoon Nebula

First time I get the chance to get the scope out this summer! And the auto-guider wrecks havoc on the whole setup! Yay! So I went the unguided way, and I’m quite impressed by that Paramount MX once again! A little over the top on the processing I admit, but I like it 😉 L […]

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